Sufficiently severe hypoglycemia, and sometimes stupor, can be observed in people who are intoxicated with alcohol, as well as those who abuse alcohol and neglect proper nutrition. As a result, the liver runs out of carbohydrates. Hypoglycemic stupor can occur even with a small amount of alcohol in the blood, but below the level that is allowed for driving. Therefore, it is not always possible for a traffic police inspector or a medical worker to buy naprosyn online that a person has stupor as a result of an illness, and not a symptom of an intoxicated state.

Sometimes hypoglycemia can also occur in a healthy person who has had strenuous exercise. With prolonged fasting, the symptoms of hypoglycemia can occur simultaneously with the pathology of the adrenal glands or pituitary gland, as well as after alcohol abuse. In this case, there is a severe depletion of carbohydrates that cannot maintain normal blood glucose levels. But in some cases, hypoglycemia appears immediately after fasting. In children with a disorder of any enzyme system of the liver, signs of hypoglycemia occur in the intervals between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Very often, hypoglycemia is diagnosed in mentally unstable people who secretly take sugar-lowering drugs or self-inject insulin. This is due to free access to medicines. The alimentary form of hypoglycemia occurs in people who have undergone gastric resection. In this case, sugar is absorbed too quickly, which stimulates the production of insulin, which in large quantities causes a decrease in blood sugar. If alimentary type hypoglycemia develops for no apparent reason, then this is idiopathic alimentary hypoglycemia.

  • Some foods containing fructose or galactose, which prevent the release of naprosyn online from the liver, can also be attributed to the causes of the disease.
  • And leucine is involved in stimulating an excess amount of insulin in the pancreas. Thus, these products reduce blood sugar after a certain amount of time after eating.
  • In addition, insulinomas can cause hypoglycemia as a result of excessive insulin production. Very rarely, tumors that are not localized in the pancreas can cause the development of the disease.
  • A rare cause of a hypoglycemic condition is a disease associated with an autoimmune abnormality. In this case, the body tries to produce insulin antibodies, which leads to a sharp fluctuation in it, as the pancreas produces an excess amount of insulin to neutralize the antibodies.

The development of hypoglycemia can be affected by heart or kidney failure, severe infections, malignant pathologies in the form of tumors, poor and malnutrition, shock, viral hepatitis and cirrhosis. All these diseases can cause a hypoglycemic state.

  • This condition can be found both in patients with diabetes mellitus and in those who do not have this disease.
  • The clinical picture of hypoglycemia consists of symptoms that can be divided into certain categories.
  • They are characterized by general disorders, autonomic, neurological and metabolic. They are not always possible to differentiate and draw a ratio of naproxen pills sugar levels.
  • But there is a certain pattern. with hypoglycemia, the concentration of glucose decreases to almost 3 mmol / l. It was then that general symptoms and vegetative ones appeared, with a small number of neurological manifestations.
  • The general symptomatology of hypoglycemia is characterized by anxiety, pain in the head, a feeling of irritation, nervousness, constant hunger and burning in the epigastric region.

However, all these symptoms cannot confirm hypoglycemia, but with their complex combination, a hypoglycemic state can be diagnosed. Vegetative disorders are caused by tachycardia and the appearance of trembling in the muscles.

Among autonomic disorders, adrenergic and parasympathetic symptoms are distinguished. In the first case, the clinic of hypoglycemia consists of the appearance of tachycardia, arrhythmia with a predisposition to it, pallor of the skin, hand tremors (tremor), arterial hypertension and increased respiratory rate. But the symptoms of the parasympathetic clinic consist of a feeling of hunger, rumbling in the abdomen, as a result of increased peristalsis in the stomach and intestines, as well as the appearance of a burning sensation in the epigastric region.

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Then there is a pulsation in the head and on the periphery of the body, which is associated with the rapid movement of blood. This whole clinical picture is characteristic of the very beginning of hypoglycemia, so it is very important to buy naproxen pills differentiate these symptoms with various metabolic pathologies.

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One of the most severe disorders in hypoglycemia is hypoglycemic coma, which develops as a result of a sharp decrease in glucose. This causes loss of consciousness with a lack of sensitivity to various forms of irritation, even pain. After leaving the coma, patients develop pain in the head, weakness throughout the body, dizziness, a sense of fear and disorientation, trembling in the muscles, inadequacy in behavior, and pathological reflexes appear. Sometimes, with a deep lesion of the cerebral cortex, patients do not remember everything that happened before the onset of hypoglycemic coma.

With neurological symptoms of hypoglycemia, there is a feeling of a relative energy deficit in the brain, which is characterized by dizziness, pain in the head and pulsation in the vessels. Then the disease becomes severe, so parts of the cerebral cortex are partially switched off. Focal symptoms are noted in the form of sensory disturbances in some parts of the body, and sometimes motor activity is partially lost.